i was tagged by¬†daryldixonscrossbow¬†but i did this game like a week ago so i’m just going to answer the questions instead of tagging another 11 people :))

1. Favorite movie? god idk this question always kills me tbh, because i have 100 favourites so the harry potter series maybe??

2. Favorite passtime? the internet

3. What grade are you in? grade is an american term in new zealand we say year or form, so i’m year 11 and i’m 6th form

4. Describe yourself in one word (POSITIVELY): people always tell me i’m funny??

5. Do you like reading? If so what is your favorite book? i love to read, favourite book is the perks of being a wallflower

6. Favorite bands/ artists? nirvana and led zep are my favourite bands

7. Where do you see yourself in 3 years? in university, spending all my spare money on alcohol because that’s what new zealanders do ;)))

8. Favorite junk food? hot chips and aioli, lollies, ice cream, chocolate, pizza etc etc i love all junk food

9. Coffee or Tea? both, depends on the situation

10. Tattoos or Piercings? do i have them? no, i don’t even have my ears pierced! but i can’t wait to get tattoos i love tattoos

11. Do you like chocolate? YES HOLY SHIT WHO DOESN’T

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